27 Apr 2012

AvocadoSweet.com & The Market

Check out our feature on avocadosweet.com!

Based in Scotland, this magazine covers everything from high brow art to low brow cravings; a shot of culture delivered straight into your inbox with dashes of great writing, film and music... To be featured on such an amazing website is quite the honour! Thank you for the support everyone, we're delighted to be included with so much awesome stuff :D

Check out our feature here and make sure you sign up for your daily doze of what's hot in Scotland right now! 

AAAAAAAnd if you are in Edinburgh on Saturday, you can meet us in person!
Yep, we will be holding our first ever stall at The Market, which will be brimming with the best local designers and the most sought after goodies in town... It's going to blow your socks off!

Make sure you pop over and say hi if you make it, we would love to meet you :D

Wish us luck & HAPPY FRIDAY!

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