16 Apr 2012

Abandoned Artworks By Lori Nix

We are in love with Lori Nix and her incredible images of abandoned places!

From salons to launderettes, bars and offices, stores and libraries, these photographs of hauntingly empty and destroyed places have us mesmerized. So calm after the chaos; just fascinating!

But these images are not what you would expect at first glance.
They are actually dioramas! Yup, Lori has painstakingly made each and every one of these beautiful spaces herself, and each one takes around 7 months to make. Crikey!

Talking of her work and inspiration, Lori explains 'It takes about seven months to complete a diorama, but I'm working on two to three at a time. I make about three new images a year if I'm lucky and focused.' 
'I grew up in the middle of the United States, in a town called Norton, Kansas, which is in the middle of nowhere. The only thing that happens there is extreme weather. As I child I experienced tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and seasonal insect infestations. This has led me to explore the notions of danger, disaster and ultimately apocalyptical imagery. I also grew up in the 1970s, a time when dystopian cinema was at its zenith. As a six year old, I remember watching movies such as the Planet of the Apes, Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, Soylent Green and Logan's Run. These movies had a profound impact on my world outlook. I've taken my experiences with weather, combined them with my memories of these movies and have created the photographic series The City. Living in New York City has led me to appreciate incredible architecture, especially interior spaces. All of these inspirations have come together for this series, a photographic project I began in 2005 and continue to explore.'

Crazy impressive, right? Lori has opened up a whole new world of inspiration for us. It's great to see how watching films and having crap weather all the time can influence your work in different ways. We would never have imagined creating something as awesomely epic as these masterpieces! 

If you love Lori Nix as much as we do, click the link to check out her website. Any lucky readers based in Toronto, Canada will get the chance to see some of her work exhibited this summer. Lucky beans!
Enjoy :)


  1. Oh Fabtastic!

    Officially now this blog has made it to my superb and overly selective list of Inspirations ;)

    I can send you a diploma if you'd like ;)

    1. Oh. My. Goodness! That is quite the honor Zyzanna! We would love a diploma for our studio :D Pride of place! Yay!

    2. Would you like it on paper or would PDF suffice? ;)

    3. Parchment paper of course :D hee hee

  2. It's always so amazing to me how fantastically out of the box humans were created to be. This is a great example of that. What incredible and original works of art, and an inspiration to work hard and be patient. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thanks for commenting Megan! We agree :D I'm not sure I could mentally cope with working on one thing for a solid 7 months though hee hee! Patience is certainly the valuable lesson to take from this. . . as well as "thinking INSIDE the box!" hahaha

  4. Amazing...just amazing. I couldn't believe they were hand made. I love the library image. STUNNING!

  5. Us neither! That's why we decided to include the image with her hand in. Mind blowing! We wish that library was a place we could visit too :D