15 Mar 2012

Featured: fAveritte Creations

Today we are hosting our first ever feature with the lovely Amy Averitte of fAveritte Creations

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a stay at home momma to a spirited toddler son and wife to an amazing man. Fortunate for me...my creative outlet of fabricating unique and silly creations has allowed me to be able to stay at home and watch my son grow. My shop is named fAveritte creations...my last name is Averitte(pronounced like the word favorite without the "f", so I jumped on the opportunity to have a unique shop name that ties directly into my last name. My shop is full of about 90% cute, colorful and silly custom made items for the young...or young at heart. When I am not creating...I love playing choo choo with my son, running around outside, watching silly sit coms like The Office or Everybody Loves Raymond, and playing video games with my hubster.

Are your products inspired by what is currently popular or based more on your personal style and interests?
They are definitely more of my personal style and interests. I love working with colors and patterns in fabric. I have a conversation with a piece of fabric and it tells me what it wants to be created into. Our house is full of silly goof balls, so many of my kids items are just that...look a little silly and much like a goof ball. My main goal with my creations is simply this: I hope for whomever receives one of my creations that at first they smile, explore it, hug it and begin a long friendship with it. I grew up playing with many toys and dolls and to this day still have a few of them and they instantly take me back to my childhood. I want some of my silly characters to become best friends and to be drug around on adventures, and get dirty, and become frayed and faded...because the child feels they are worthy enough to be apart of their everyday life.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
My biggest challenge thus far is balancing out my time between my stay at home business and blog, to my toddler son, to my husband, keeping up the house and finding time for myself. The latter..."finding time for myself" gets neglected more often than not, but I knew once my shop started blossoming I would have to sacrifice "me time". At least until my children are a little older and begin school.

When you're having a crap day, what do you find motivates you?
My sons infectious laugh, a brief walk outside, 5 minutes chilling in the recliner with chocolate and Dr. Pepper, deep breaths and browsing Etsy or Pinterest.

What have you found to be the best piece of advice you've been given?
I love this quote from Steve Jobs and I am blessed to be one of the few that can live by it and say I love what I do. "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way you do great work is to love what you do."

My college counselor and I had a similar conversation about this...I was selling earrings while in college and we were discussing my future plans and goals with my business. She just simply said, "If you love what you do...it shows through your craftmanship and creativity. People will see that and pieces of your creative soul. They will share your work because you have spoken to them emotionally. That is when you know you are doing what you were meant to do in life."

How can we find you?
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Tell us what your guilty pleasure is?
Simple. 4 words. Chocolate and Dr. Pepper.

Thanks for taking the time to share such an inspiring post with us today Amy!
We want to come play at your house for sure!
Love Amy as much as we do? Then be sure to check out her blog and shop :)

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Awesome! Fantastic! Love it...thanks so much for the feature :)

  2. Love the peanut butter and jelly pillows! Soooo cuuuute! :)

  3. Cute! It's funny- Amy contacted us at A Little Etsy Love about a feature and I just wrote her's yesterday! I used that same superhero pillow photo!

  4. Thanks for commenting lovelies!
    We would have loved that super hero pillow when we were little. . . And I want the peanut butter and jelly cushions now we're all grown up! Tee hee hee :D