3 Jul 2014

Time Out

Hello friends

I'm really sad to say that we've been having some difficult issues at the moment so we need to take a step back from our blog and shops for now. It's not been an easy decision to make but unfortunately its inevitable at the moment.

I hope you don't miss us too much for now and I hope to be back up and running with you shortly.

Much love

27 Jun 2014

GIVEAWAY - Ending 30th June

Our massive Etsy Craft Party Goodie Bag giveaway ends on Sunday! If you'd like the chance to win one of 5 party bags from our event, make sure you enter before it's too late...

Each winner will receive one of our amazing bags busting with surprises from Jolly Good, Claireabellmakes, ZyzannaPaper Bureaucracy, Fiona Heather and Vivid Please (naturally!)
One extra lucky winner will also get extra gifts from  The Marshmallow Lady and Hello Strumpet... Pretty spectacular, hey!

It's free to enter and open to everyone. All you need to do is hit this link to enter and win...


24 Jun 2014

Projecteo - A mini projector for your Instagram photos!

Recently we got the chance to review something that we're very excited about, the new mini projector called Projecteo. This tiny little wonder is the latest gadget to make the most out of all of your photographs from Instagram and we're both really pleased to share that it seriously doesn't disappoint! 

This little trickster is so small it can fit in your pocket but it's mighty enough to make your favourite snaps as large as your bedroom wall if you fancy it!  It works just like those big old clunky projectors you used to get in school. All you need to do is select your favourite images from instagram and load them onto one of these tiny wheels... they're a lot like a View Master only with single frames instead of double. Then you simply pop it into your little Projecteo and click the red 'ON' button. It beams a ridiculously bright light through your baby slide and turns your quick snap into a beautiful projected piece of artwork...

Naturally, being a projector, the best way to view your slides is in the dark. Unfortunately this makes it totally impossible to share pictures that do it justice! So, to give you an idea of how this looks in action, I've projected some of my favourite pictures into a little box. The sides of it has helped reflect the light inward making it less grainy and the dots help the camera focus, so at least you can see what I'm talking about. What you can't see is the great colour of the pictures and the really amazing sharpness you get when experimenting with it. The Projecteo has a functioning focus ring around the lens meaning you can project your images into a really small space ... or a really massive one! This feature makes it really worth investing in if you have a lot of different ideas for using it like we do :D

The website is really simple to use, all you have to do is connect your Instagram account and select which pictures you'd like to put on a reel. Each reel can hold 8 photographs, but you can order as many as you like and come back to it again and again which is really handy as it gives it longevity. To start out I took a few of my favourite photographs, like this one from Monte Carlo and this one from Hawaii because they're both really beautiful and make me really happy when looking at them. Perfect for a change of scene at Vivid HQ!


We also decided to try out a few other things with it; we thought it would be really amazing to have it on hand for doing craft shows and events so we added our Vivid Please shop logo and our Edinburgh Etsy Team logo to the reel as well - we're planning on using it at our next big events because it's a great way to show people where we are! And, after doing our illustrated windows for Sofi's, we had a couple of ideas for illustrating on windows in the future, so I also added a couple of my favourite illustrations which I'd love to trace on a large scale! There really is a lot of different things you can use it for which makes it really fun. I like the idea of getting a reel made up of silly pictures for Davids next big birthday so I can project them behind him when he's not looking ... I bet he'd think everyone was laughing at his jokes instead of what I was sneakily doing haha!

Our Projecteo, in the tiny box we used to show you these pictures!

All in all, we both think this is a cracking little bit of kit, and for anyone who's as obsessed with photography as we are, this is a great purchase for yourself or gift for your favourite person. I've got plans to get another one for my dad already because he used to show us our old holiday photos on a 'life sized' one from the 80s haha!

In all seriousness we're struggling to find any faults with the product itself. It's robust, bright, fully functional and great at doing exactly what it says it's going to... The only 'down side' we could think of is that if you're ordering one and you're outside USA you're going to have to pay a customs charge on it's delivery (we paid £12 for the UK) ... but, if you buy a dress from ModCloth you'll be facing the exact same issue, because that's what happens when you order anything from abroad! Overall, it's not something to complain about really because one you have it, you'll have it for life, and it's so small you can take it on all of your adventures!

If any of you fancy joining the club and purchasing one, we've got a cheeky 20% OFF code for you to use on the site too! Simply type FRIEND0DCH in at the checkout and the discount will come off. At less than £20 it's really hard to resist!

Hit this Projecteo link to visit the site and find out more...
And if you'd like to follow our new VividPleaseMe Instagram account click here

We'd love to hear what you would do with yours!

Happy Snapping...

23 Jun 2014

Our Short Film: Etsy Craft Party 2014 #EETCraft

David made this beautiful short film of our wonderful EETCraft Etsy Craft Party earlier in the month and I couldn't resist sharing it with you... Isn't it just adorable?

As you'll have seen from our earlier post it was our first party and our teams first event, and it really was a fabulous night; everyone came along, made some new friends, made a beautiful piece of art and made our night!

If you fancy winning one of our incredible party bags jammed full of goodies you've still got a few days left to enter our *phenomenal giveaway* We have 5 bags up for grabs, each filled with loads of surprises from our favourite makers - it's free, open to everyone and it would be crazy not to enter!

I'd love to hear what you think of our newest film - David worked so hard on it so it would be wonderful to share your opinions with him :)

To view more of our short films click here

I hope you like it!

20 Jun 2014

30 Things Before 30 (part 2)

Back in March I started a list of things I wanted to achieve before I turned 30 and shared a post to ask you all for some suggestions on what else to add. As a few months have passed I thought I would do a little 'check in' post to show you what things I've managed to do so far... and to see if y'all had any more suggestions as I've still not completed the list!

So, how's the list looking now? Let's see...

30 things to do before 30
  1. learn something new
  2. pass my driving test
  3. get another tattoo
  4. throw a party
  5. do something I find terrifying 
  6. do something for the community
  7. learn 5 songs on my ukulele 
  8. buy a dozen donuts 
  9. make my home AWESOME
  10. go one week without watching tv
  11. place a bet at a bookies
  12. stay in a Disney hotel
  13. take more photos on a real camera 
  14. find my own beauty regime
  15. create my own birthday cocktail
  16. clear out my wardrobe + donate 
  17. go one month without wearing jeans
  18. visit somewhere nice in Europe
  19. send more snail mail
  20. make an extravagant purchase
  21. learn yoga
  22. cook 10 recipes from 10 different books
  23. wear more spectacular accessories
  24. leave 30 lucky pennies for people to find
  25. make an epic birthday cake

Eeek! I'm still only 25 out of 30! Can you help?

Panic aside, I'm pretty pleased that I've already started ticking some stuff off my list. There are a few on there that are works in progress; 
#2 I've passed my theory test and I'm quite close to taking my driving test (!!BIG DEAL!!) 
#5 I've been doing loads of stuff that I find terrifying because I'm actually very shy, but I'm yet to do one major thing... mind, you could maybe say passing my driving test is right for this one!
#9 We finally bought a cute new sofa! Home is slowly becoming more awesome :D
#14 I think I've found a good beauty regime, but I have a lot of trouble sticking to it
#16 I've been going through my wardrobe and donating, but it's a big job and hard to part with stuff!

20. Make an extravagant purchase!

The things I have managed to tick off the list have all been really amazing though. David and I bought a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme and ate them all (not in one sitting though, but still!) My mother would never have let me do that when I was younger. . . all these years of freedom and I've never indulged in this naughty purchase so I enjoyed every bite more than ever ;) 

I also made my extravagant purchase - tickets to see Prince! We're both really big fans but the ticket prices were really expensive. We agreed to limit the amount of money we could spend but the cheapest tickets sold out before I could buy them and I sort of blacked out with the excitement and ended up spending more money so we could go! I don't regret at all though - I can honestly tell you it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And a great memory for an extravagant purchase!

6. Do something for the community 

I decided that it would be really great to do something for our community. After getting an email from Etsy about local teams being needed for our area, I decided to do something miles out of my comfort zone and set up the Edinburgh Etsy Team. Our city doesn't really have a support network for online makers and sellers and it's something I feel we're desperately missing. I might have only started the group a couple of months ago but I've already got two amazing ladies helping me, Zyzanna and Fiona, and together we've already held online SEO classes, had our first Makers Meet Up aaaaaand....

4. Throw A Party

I threw my first ever party with their help - our Etsy Craft Party of course! I've had so many reasons to throw a party over the years, but I've always gotten cold feet and decided against it as I've been worried no one would come. After having our first ever exhibition opening last year and seeing that actually, despite my fears, people would come to an event if you ask them! After starting the Etsy team this was an opportunity too good to miss. As you'll see from the pictures it was such a great success (so many people came and had a great time!) I'm already looking forward to planning more parties in the future :D

Nice, France - couldn't get more perfect for #18: Visit somewhere nice in Europe! 

I took number 18 very literally and David and I escaped to somewhere very nice... we went to Nice, France :D Perfect, right? It was so beautiful and I'd love to go back sometime; I <3 a="" as="" better="" d="" do="" france="" get="" i="" it="" like="" love="" more="" nbsp="" p="" saving="" some="" such="" this="" to="" treat.="" trips="" was="">

Oh, and I was really pleased that I managed to go a whole month without wearing jeans. It's so easy to reach for sloppy clothes when working by yourself. I went a solid 4 weeks in only dresses and skirts which I actually think helped my moods - you can't feel blue or sluggish when you're dressed so pretty! Speaking of, I've also been embracing my love of spectacular accessories. I've been wearing my Crown and Glory bunny ears on nights out and my Hello Strumpet beret on summery days, plus I cant remember the last time I wore shoes that didn't have pom poms on them! haha! 

In other news, I also placed a bet at the bookies on the Referendum (much more memorable than placing my first bet on a horse!) I've done a few yoga lessons and whilst I'm no yogi I have been doing much more at home by myself which has been great. And I've been writing lots more letters... remember that Snail Mail Trade I set up? Well I've been planning to run my next one very soon, so if you'd like to take part keep your eye out! 

So I'm still looking for 5 more things to add to my 30 before 30 list... I didn't think I'd struggle this much with finding things I wanted to do! If you have any suggestions I'd absolutely love to hear them, I've added a couple of things from the last time I asked and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think I should do next!

Do you have a list? Hook us up with your links, I love reading what everyone's come up with!

11 things done so far ... I can't wait to share the next update :D